• Bible, book, & topical studies
  • Care Ministries & Visitations
  • Choir
  • Women’s Ministries
  • Men’s Group
  • Monthly fellowship events
  • Missions – local & global
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry
  • Prayer Chapel
  • Meditation Garden



Meditation Garden

Meditation Garden Our Meditation Garden came into being after a retreat in the city of Orange in 2001. A Garden Task Force was formed. A professional landscaper was contacted. Professional designs were drafted and submitted to the Garden Committee. A selection of design, a bid let out and construction began. Members of the church helped make this dream a reality. Donations flowed into the coffer and the dream of a few became a reality—a barren plot became a thing of beauty.. We now have a waterfall, greenery, a bench to relax and read or just contemplate. A Gazebo stands to the left of the waterfall, inviting any and all. Step into the structure, find a seat on the all-around benches and rest, read, or be at peace.



Prayer Chapel

Prayer Chapel
Our planners and builders gifted us years ago with this little Chapel. Their thoughts were to serve not only at Sunday services but every hour of every day. This little Chapel receives her congregation at all times. There may be one person, there may be two or more—everyone is welcome. Enter its doors and enjoy God’s Chapel.

Program Committees

Care Team: Visits ill and homebound. Active prayer chain.

Worship/Welcoming Committee: Welcoming and greeting members and newcomers at church functions and Sunday worship.

Fellowship Team: Responsible for Sunday coffee and refreshments, special occasions.

Flower Delivery: Volunteers distribute flowers from sanctuary to individuals homebound/ill.

Women’s Ministry: We are a group of women committed to serving our church, our community, while forming friendships with one another.

  • Our ladies meet in the Fireside Room the fourth Tuesday of the month at 11:30 a.m.. All ladies are welcome. Bring a sandwich, beverages and dessert is offered. Bible/Upper Room are studied as well as discussion/implementation of how best to help our church both financially and spiritually. We invite you to come visit, share your talents.
  • Memorial Committee: Volunteer ladies assist with a memorial/reception. This service is available for a fee, and upon request from members and non-members.

Prayer Shawl Ministry: Prayer Shawls are gifts of love given in times of great sorrow/loss comforting recipients stricken with illness, wrapping them all in a warm hug, giving them a sacred space . Shawls are given in celebration as well: births, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. Volunteers from our area create shawls in prayer and bless upon completion.

Missions Team: Missions provides us with opportunities of serving as an outreach to our community, surrounding area as well as, at times, other countries. We serve the Dimes for Hunger, We Care, Superbowl Sunday (donate cans of soup and donated), among other programs.

Library: Community Church Library offers an opportunity to be in a secluded area stocked with a variety of books.

Education: ”ThnkThru” programs are open to all. Bible Studies are available lead by Pastor Roe as well as other gifted leaders.

Edgar Hall
Edgar Hall is located just off our Sanctuary. Here many activities are held, with past memories and present held in our hearts and minds.

Edgar Hall

Edgar Hall

  • Sunday’s after Sanctuary services our congregation drifts into Edgar Hall for conversation, companion ship and just plain catch-up time” for many. New and/or visitors are welcomed into the midst. Coffee and treats are available for that morning twinge to be satisfied.
  • Weekdays/Saturday may find a Memorial reception being held by Women’s Fellowship. For a fee volunteer ladies will set up the Hall with draped tables, serving dishes and receive foods from the family to be served after Sanctuary services. Guests will be guided into the Hall and directed to the memory table, food table and to sitting with their companions.

This Hall, as you can see, is a central point in our church. It receives and dispenses a great deal of members/visitors and memories and daily life creating a family to be held together with friendship and caring.