Leisure World Community Church was organized October 7, 1962. The membership roll was opened and 96 persons signed the charter. The new members proceeded to elect officers, form committees, choosing the name “Leisure World Community Church.” The first religious services held on the grounds of Rossmoor Leisure World opened as Protestant services. There were 130 present and formed the nucleus of the new church. Doors to the new Leisure World Community Church were opened for the first service August 8, 1965 with the new minister, Dr. Russell E. Clay officiating. Consecration services were held on Sunday, September 12, 1965.

Community Church is a multi-denominational church and welcomes all into our warm and active family. Entering our Narthex you will be greeted by one of our members and directed to our Sanctuary. As you pass into the Sanctuary you will be drawn to the “LANTERN” above the sanctuary, symbolizing our mission to “Let your light so shine that it may give glory to your father.” The Lantern features many Christian symbols in stained glass. Center of The Lantern hangs a “Triquetra,” one of the early Christian symbols. This is the Lantern’s “flame” with a triangle, symbolizing the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).The interwoven circles symbolize eternal life, “world without end” and the rods show the Spirit of God radiating in all directions.

Each stained glass window differs in the scenes they present:

  • The NATIVITY shows the infant Jesus in the arms of his mother, Mary with Joseph standing by.
  • The RESURRECTION depicts Jesus Christ who has conquered the world and death. His right hand holds the banner of Christian victory.
  • The CRUCIFIXION shows Christ freed from the Cross, his arms outstretched.
  • The PHROPHECY central figure is the prophet Isaiah.
  • The TEACHING AND HEALING MINISTRY shows Jesus. Preacher, Teacher, Healer beckoning people to come follow him.
  • The APOSTLE PAUL shows Paul writing his letters.

The outside light beaming through the windows glorifies these beautiful works of art and readies us for the spiritual music of our choir and the inspirational message from our Pastor.

Community Church opens our 24-hour Prayer Chapel to all who wish to come sit/meditate/pray or just need a peaceful, restful place to contemplate. Our Meditation Garden, Gazebo with sitting area, water fountain and a bench can be found to the right of the church at the end of the walkway. All are invited to come visit. Listen to the soothing water, enjoy the greenery. These areas are for the benefit all.